1. Unsubscribing from annoying mailing list. LIKE GTFO I AIN'T GOT TIME FOR YOUR SPAM MACY'S.

2. Sitting and thinking about my food and my body. What? I know, it sound weird, stay with me here. There is magic in conscious action. Particularly when it comes to food. I always recommend that my clients eat undistracted, don't watch t.v. or look at your phone or respond to emails. Just eat. Pay attention to how your body responds, what makes you feel good and what makes you feel crappy. This also gives you time to daydream and reflect.


3. Speaking of doing one thing at a time. I LOVE DOING ONE THING AT A TIME. I don't want to stare at my phone and eat a snack while unzipping my backpack and crossing the street. You can learn a lot when you do one thing at a time.


4. Reading before I go to sleep. GAME CHANGER. I fall asleep and stay asleep! If I read before bed vs. look at my phone before bed my night is totally different. I don't toss and turn and I wake up feeling well rested. And like, learning, you get to learn stuff when you read which is also cool (a few of my favorites are Eat to Live, The Power of Habit & You Are Here).

5. Spending less time on my phone. HANDS OFF HOMEGIRL. Reaching for my phone has become so habitual dare I say it's nearly an unconscious act (and that's terrifying). I don't need to check my email or scroll through Instagram all the time. Put. The. Phone. Down.

What are your favorite things that aren't things right now?

P.S. I can't wait to share my favorite Mac & "Cheeze" recipe with you guys tomorrow  :)